Introducing Brexit: the Road to Freedom

Introducing Brexit: the Road to Freedom

   October 11, 2018  
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Introducing Brexit: the Road to Freedom

My new book, Brexit: the Road to Freedom, is written from the experience of working on the Leave campaign in Redbridge and Epping from the start of the campaign early in 2016 up to the present.

It book begins with a brief overview of Britain’s development as a democracy and looks at the history of the European Economic Community/European Community/European Union since 1951.

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The second chapter examines some economic themes, starting with the EU’s austerity policies. It looks at the sums that we pay the EU and at the claim that we send it £350 million a week. It reviews some of the forecasts made during the campaign. It examines the EU’s Customs Union, its Single Market and its relationship with Greece. It maintains that the Leave vote was about taking control of our money, our laws and our borders. This means leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market. To stay in either of them would be to stay in the EU, Brexit in name only, which means democracy in name only.

British people

The third chapter looks at the implications of the 2014 referendum in Scotland and the policies of the Scottish National Party. It examines Scotland’s economic prospects as an independent nation inside the EU.

Chapter 4 is a study of the 2016 referendum campaign and the implications of the decision. It asks whether the result was binding and shows how the referendum was about who writes our laws, not about what laws to have. We decided that the British people, not the unelected European Commission, should make the decisions about Britain’s future. It was a great exercise in democracy.

Some claimed that a vote to leave was a vote for Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, but it was never about them (although the pro-EU campaign tried to make it about them). There were no names on the ballot paper because the vote was not about politicians. There were no political parties on the ballot paper, because the vote was not about political parties. Nor was the vote about the campaigns. The question was not: “Do you approve of the Leave campaign or not?”

The next chapter presents some ideas about the decision’s likely impacts on our rights and on immigration. It looks at the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, workers’ rights in the EU, EU citizens’ rights and hate crimes. It looks at immigration’s effect on wages and public services.

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