US officials can't explain UFOs, but aliens not ruled out - report

From “Event 201” to “US officials can't explain UFO

There is no evidence that unexplained aerial phenomena spotted in recent years by US military personnel are aliens, an upcoming government report has found, according to a New York Times report, but officials still cannot explain the mysterious aircraft.

The newspaper, which cited senior administration officials briefed on the findings of the highly anticipated report, said they were able to confirm the unusual vessels were not the product of secret Pentagon technology.

But the review of more than 120 incidents over the past two decades was unable to explain the mysterious movements of the craft, which include unusual acceleration, direction changes and the ability to rapidly submerge.

And while senior officials told the Times the lack of clear findings means that while there's no evidence of alien technology behind the phenomena, it's also impossible to rule out.

One senior official briefed on the report said intelligence and military officials increasingly worry the phenomena could be China or Russia experimenting with hypersonic technology.

The upcoming report, expected to be released to Congress by 25 June, will have a classified annex, officials told the Times, which will likely fuel speculation that aliens are actually behind the encounters.

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NASA are investigating UFOs as a bombshell US intelligence report is set to not rule out aliens, administrator Bill Nelson said.