Who Are Two Fingers Media?

We’re a media and events organisation that is about to launch an incredibly exciting series of speaking events around the country that will feature some of the most outspoken opinion shapers in modern Britain.

Two Fingers Media believes ardently that society is heading in the wrong direction with so much kowtowing to political correctness that makes it almost a crime for many of us simply to say what’s on our mind.

Rescuing Lost Liberties

With the growth in new technology that serves to further distance ourselves from one another, and the necessity of face-to-face interaction becoming almost obsolete, we are now paying the inevitable price: communications are becoming controlled, opinions are being shaped more by remote talking heads on media than by interaction with our peer groups, and free speech is becoming a rare and illicit commodity.

Two Fingers Media campaigns to bring back good, robust, intellectual debate about subjects that really matter to our everyday lives. We want people to regain the freedom to speak their minds, and to cast off the invisible but insidious shackles that seek to control what we say and what we think.

Write For Us

Whatever your background or politics or views, if you believe in liberty of conscience and freedom of speech, then you’re one of us, and we’d love to see you writing articles here on the site and attending our events around the country.

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